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August 14, 2017 | The Press

Yao Ming's Best Reds Around


I was first introduced to drinking great wine when I was living in Houston, Texas and playing for the Houston Rockets. Houston loves its steakhouses, and so I discovered big Cabs from Napa Valley when I was eating those famed Texan-sized steaks.

Some of my favorites? 

Opus One — The wines are so smooth and polished.  I visited the winery and tasted with Winemaker Michael Silacci. I was very impressed with their detailed attention to elegant and gracious hospitality. 

Cardinale — I really love Winemaker Chris Carpenter’s mountain wines for their finesse and complexity. The winery in Oakville provides beautiful views along with a nice experience and food pairings that really highlight the wines. 

Hall Winery and Flora Springs Winery –  Neighbors of ours along the St. Helena Highway, both venues offer impressive, quality wines.

Donum Estate – As I continue to study wine and sample more varieties, I've become very fond of the Pinot Noirs from Donum Estate. They have a unique visitor experience with sculptures and private tastings at their tucked away Carneros estate.

–Yao Ming, January 2017

Click here for a link to the full article, with driving directions to each location.

Time Posted: Aug 14, 2017 at 12:45 PM