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The Family Table

Directly to the south of our Main Room with the Quartz Wine Bar is The Family Table, a room that's perfect for more formal groups of six to twelve persons. The centerpiece of this room is a large, oval table, where guests can enjoy a guided, sit-down tasting of Yao Family wines. There are also two ensconsed seating areas that can accomodate an additional four people. A 55-inch flat screen TV is also available.

The Family Table also has two large, glass doors that provide an additional level of privacy from the Main Room. A cozy, gas-powered fireplace adds even more intimacy to the room, or open the rear door and get private access to the back patio.

To schedule a tasting appointment, Click Here, or call the Tasting Room at 707-968-5874 to discuss private tastings, parties and events.

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