Yao Family Wines Honored at Robb Report’s – Robb Choice · Best of the Best 2012

On October 17, 2012, the private celebration ceremony marking the 5th anniversary Robb Report – Robb Choice · Best of the Best 2012, took place at the Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund. Nearly 200 opinion leaders, leading entrepreneurs, stars and artists joined Robb Report to reveal the award winners in Robb Choice 2012. Among them were Mr. Liu Jiang – President of Trends Media Group, Mr. Shou Ma – Vice President of Trends Media Group and Executive Publisher of Robb Report, artists Liu Ye and Yue Minjun, renowned entrepreneurs Shen Nanpeng and Zhao Yong and retired NBA star turned vintner, Mr. Yao Ming, who was honored in the wine category.

Robb Choice 2012 began when emcee Cao Qitai took the stage to welcome guests to the ceremony for the 5th anniversary Robb Choice. Mr. Shou Ma, stated: “For five years, Robb Report – Robb Choice has always stuck to the same coordinates to measure items that appear in our reports and to sense the concepts and spirits embodied in them. As a co-founder of this magazine, I hope that, in the historical museum of the future, this magazine is there not as part of a certain industry, but as the proof of one of China’s material eras. We are working every day to get close to this goal. We feel lucky, and we are scrupulous because we know that is difficult.” Exceptional brands earn the awards in Robb Choice as they offer the best products in their respective industries. The most exciting product was the Yao Ming Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine was introduced to China two years ago and made its way to Robb Choice this year with its brilliant quality. At the ceremony, Proprietor Mr. Yao Ming stepped onto the Robb Choice podium to express his gratitude. The year 2012 means a lot to the Chinese edition of Robb Report. The past five years gathered 61 cover artists and over 1,000 private enjoyers and entrepreneurs. In 2012, a quality of life report was released, and luxuries across the globe tracked and analyzed in the Chinese edition. In 2012, Robb Choice · Best of the Best featured an authoritative list for nine categories of upscale consumables, in-depth investigations by 62 authoritative experts and 49 champion awards. The ceremony concluded with Mr. Liu Jiang commenting, “We respect things and people who create them. We enjoy what things bring to us and we respect human wisdom and spirit in creating things. Robb Report is not only a magazine but also a collection of the most beautiful things in life.”